Monday, December 5, 2011

Why Y?

This blog was created to serve one primary fulfill the final requirements for my Masters Degree.  What I hope is that in addition to fulfilling those requirements, it might also serve as a way to highlight the lives, beliefs, & accomplishments of Millennials*...

I've spent the past two years of my life studying leadership.  During that time I've read books by Baby Boomers & GenX'rs and I’ve worked for and been in organizations led by Boomers & Xr’s.  Looking back on this experience, what I’ve come to realize is that although many leadership theorist preach the value of stewardship, transformation, servant-leadership (etc…), there doesn’t seem to be much emphasis on Millennials or Millennial Leadership.  Sure, some literature exist (and a lot of it is pretty spot on) but much of it is written by Boomers attempting to understand Millennials; not Millennials themselves.  During the last two years I've witnessed the emerging leadership of Millennials.  I’ve seen everything from student-run service organizations to independent business owners.  I’m left scratching my head at why these voices are being ignored.  How can leadership hope to serve the needs of the future if it ignores the voices and contributions of those who will shape it? 

This website will be a mixture of a lot of things.  It must satisfy the requirements of a project so it will include essays and other scholarly works.  However, we do hope to tell a story so there will be quotes, testimonials, and whatever else I deem relevant to the study of Millennial Leadership. 
Enjoy the journey! 

*Millennial is a general term with no concrete universal definition on what constitutes it.  Some say it's anyone born from 1975-200, others 1979-present, some simply say 80's babies.  For purposes of this website, we’re primarily looking at individuals born from 1979-1992.  This definition is completely arbitrary but given that I’m creating this blog (and not you), that’s going to be our definition. 

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